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Safe Browsing (VPN)

How to use Safe Browsing (VPN)

The Safe Browsing (VPN) is a Virtual Private Network that will help keep you safe whilst using the internet.

To make sure your internet uses the VPN connection make sure you close any applications and web browsers you are wanting to use the VPN before you connect and re-open them after connecting.

  • Open the TotalAV Application
  • Click the Fingerprint Icon
  • Select VPN
  • Choose The Country that you would like to connect to
  • Click Connect
  • Open the TotalAV Application
  • Click VPN
  • Choose the Region
  • Click the Red Power Icon
  • Open the TotalAV Application
  • Tap VPN
  • Choose the Region
  • Tap the TotalAV Icon
  • Open the TotalAV Android Application
  • Tap VPN
  • Tap Activate
  • Tap Agree
  • Tap OK
  • Tap button to connect (you can select a different location below)
  • You will now be connected via TotalAV VPN. The app will also tell you the location to which you are connected.

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